The Weekly paper of the New Communist Party of Britain
Week commencing 8th December 2017

Lead story

The Tories cannot govern

by Daphne Liddle

LAST WEEK’S fiasco over the Brexit negotiations, when Prime Minister Theresa May thought she had a sort of general agreement on essential principles and was ready to engage with stage two of the negotiations, only to have the rug pulled from under her by the Democratic Unionist Party, shows the Tory party is now incapable of acting on behalf of the people of Britain.

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Paying for Syrian civil war

THE government has suspended a foreign aid project after a BBC Panorama investigation found taxpayers’ cash was being diverted to extremists in Syria.

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Irish border issue threatens Tory—DUP coalition and the peace process

by Theo Russell

A DELEGATION of Sinn Féin MPs last week told a meeting at Westminster that a return to Northern Ireland border controls “would make the border a target for the dissident republican groups opposed to the peace process,” and said that in response Sinn Féin will be calling for a new poll on the border.

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Tory delusions

THE JOSEPH Rowntree foundation this week issued yet another report showing that poverty is growing in real terms, especially amongst children and pensioners.

Almost 400,000 more children and 300,000 more pensioners are now living in poverty than in 2012/13. Since that year, there have been continued increases in poverty, across both age groups.

But Tory spokespersons are still wheeling out the old myth that the poverty that is growing is only relative poverty but not absolute poverty — “like they have in Africa”. The Tories claim that everyone’s living standards have been rising so much that those once though of as comfortably well off are now lagging behind the majority.

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