The Weekly paper of the New Communist Party of Britain
Week commencing 15th December 2017

National News

Anger at Trump’s Jerusalem move

MASSES OF protesters gathered in London’s Grosvenor Square last Friday to express their anger at US President Donald Trump’s announcement of his recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and of his intention to move the US embassy in Israel to Jerusalem from Tel Aviv.

The protesters in London were amongst many thousands around the world who were also protesting at US embassies at this outrage against the rights of Palestinians, for whom Jerusalem has been their capital city for centuries.

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Menwith Hill role in US drone strikes

HUMAN rights campaigners last week raised concerns over the involvement of hundreds of Government employees at the massive Menwith Hill surveillance station in United States government lethal and illegal drone strikes in the Middle East and North Africa.

Jennifer Gibson, a staff attorney with London-based human rights group Reprieve, called on the Government to clarify its role in US drone strikes after acknowledging that there are potentially hundreds of British spy agency personnel working inside a US-controlled surveillance base that has played a key role in so-called targeted killings.

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Corbyn wins peace prize

THE INTERNATIONAL Peace Bureau (IPB) last week awarded the prestigious Séan McBride Peace Prize to Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn and two other people, in recognition of his outstanding work for peace, disarmament, human rights.

The other two winners of the prize were Noam Chomsky and the All Okinawa Council Against Henoko New Base.

According to the IPB’s website, Jeremy Corbyn wins the award for “his sustained and powerful political work for disarmament and peace”.

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Kerslake resigns over NHS funding

LORD KERSLAKE, the former head of the civil service, last Sunday resigned as chair of King’s College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust because of NHS funding problems.

He said that the Government is being unrealistic about the challenges facing the health service.

NHS Improvement described the hospital’s financial performance as “unacceptable”. A spokesperson added: “It is the worst in the NHS and continues to deteriorate.”

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Sleeping in the Park

by our Scottish political affairs correspondent

ON Saturday night a claimed 8,000 sanctimonious charity mongers and publicity seekers headed off to Princes Street Gardens for Edinburgh’s annual “Sleep in the Park”, where they spend the night to “raise awareness of the homeless”, presumably for the benefit of those who are unaware of the existence of homelessness.

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Dancing in the terraces

by our Scottish political affairs correspondent

The following day Celtic fans showed their displeasure at the American decision to recognise Jerusalem as Israel’s capital during a match at Edinburgh’s Easter Road Stadium, the home of Hibernian FC. Celtic’s ‘Green Brigade’ raised a couple of protest banners that read “Jerusalem is Palestine. Fuck Trump”, in the ground before kick-off. It may, once again, get them into trouble the football authorities.

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The thin blue line

by our Scottish political affairs correspondent

Only a fortnight has passed since our last look at the state of the Scottish police. Recent events force a return to the topic however. Hot on the heels of news about the suspensions of various senior officers comes the news that the Auditor General has uncovered more unwise expenditure by the SNP’s Police Scotland (PS) and the Scottish Police Authority SPA).

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Standing by the Korean people

by New Worker correspondent

COMRADES and friends returned to the Chadswell Centre in central London to mark the passing of dear leader Kim Jong Il, discuss the role of women in the Korean revolution and celebrate the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea’s latest achievements in missile technology.

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Britain and China pledge to expand cultural exchanges


THE FIFTH annual UK-China High-Level People-to-People Dialogue concluded on7th December with both sides vowing to expand people-to-people and cultural exchanges to consolidate the social and civil foundation for the bilateral relations.

The dialogue, jointly chaired by Vice-Premier Liu Yandong and British Secretary of State for Health Jeremy Hunt, was the highest-level bilateral dialogue held in Britain this year.

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A Christmas school for the comrades

by New Worker correspondent

LONDON comrades defied snow and ice to take part in a school on contemporary topics at the Party Centre on Sunday. The day’s event, organised by the London District of the NCP, was chaired by Alex Kempshall. Theo Russell opened on the NCP’s United Front policy and NCP leader Andy Brooks dealt with communist solidarity and proletarian internationalism in the afternoon session on imperialism.

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International News

Behind the unthinkable

by Deirdre Griswold

A POTENTIAL crime of historic proportions is being openly discussed and evaluated in the US imperialist media. They’re debating the pros and cons of whether or not millions of people should have their lives snuffed out in an instant, instead of immediately rejecting that possibility.

The ‘analysts’ are discussing the nuclear destruction of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) by the Pentagon. That there can possibly be ‘two sides’ in such a discussion is itself a confession of how bankrupt this imperialist system has become.

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Russia scales down Syrian mission


RUSSIA will pull most of its troops out of Syria after claiming a victory against ISIS, but will maintain an airbase and a naval base in the war-torn country, President Vladimir Putin announced on Monday during a tour of the Middle East tour to coordinate positions with Syria, Egypt and Turkey.

During a surprise visit to the Hmeymim airbase in Syria, Putin gave the order for a “significant” pull-back of Russian troops, saying that in the last two years the Russian armed forces and the Syrian army have defeated the most lethal group of international terrorists.

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Trump crosses red line on Jerusalem

by John Wight

PRESIDENT Trump’s decision to recognise Jerusalem as Israel’s capital is not only a clear violation of international law, but a moral outrage when it comes to its contempt for and violation of the rights of the Palestinian people.

Under the stewardship of Benjamin Netanyahu, Israel has embraced with unfailing ardour a rejectionist stance on Palestinian statehood. He knows peace, a viable peace, cannot exist and will never exist unless justice for the Palestinians is placed at its heart.

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Venezuela launches new virtual currency

by Lena Valverde Jordi

THE President of Venezuela Nicolás Maduro has revealed the implementation of a new scheme to create a virtual national currency, in order to prevent the damage caused by the aggressive US economic war against that South American nation through the domestic moneyed circles that still operate there.

Last August, President Donald Trump announced the introduction of several punitive measures against the country that would prevent Venezuela from using US dollars in its economic transactions.

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Revolution: a constant dialogue between ideas and reality

by Dolores B Guerra López

ON a close reading of Comandante en Jefe Fidel Castro Ruz’s speeches and interviews, his concept of Revolution seems to take on a special significance, which for decades has marked, and continues to mark, the political life of Cuba. This definition emphasises a macro-historical change reflected in the process of decolonisation and independence in Latin America.

It is worth recalling that after the conquest and colonisation, and the 20th century wars of independence, the countries of this continent were subjected to political and economic domination by the USA.

In this context, the Cuban Revolution led by Fidel marked an important turning point. The objectives and achievements of this feat were by no means new however. Just as he did in History Will Absolve Me, Fidel drew a line of continuity between the country’s wars of independence and the Cuban Revolution, which triumphed in 1959. This was understood to be a process of profound change that would only be complete once the island had overcome external threats and achieved social justice for all.

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First National Hunger March confronts the US Congress 1931

by Chris Mahin

THEY TRAVELLED in automobiles so dilapidated they were nicknamed “tin lizzies.” They had only gunny sacks and blankets to protect them from the extreme cold. There were 1,670 of them but each was a delegate representing many others. They had come to confront the US Congress, to insist that it give aid, not charity, to the unemployed.

December marks the anniversary of the First National Hunger March, which arrived in Washington, DC on 6th December 1931, and marched to the US Capitol and the White House the next day.

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