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End the homeless crisis

“It is a national scandal that anyone should sleep without a roof over their head in one of the richest countries in the world and after pressure from councils, Mayors, charities and others the Government appears to have backtracked on reports that programmes to tackle homelessness policy may no longer be funded directly by central Government,” Jeremy Corbyn, the former Labour leader, said last week.

But thousands of homeless people could return to the streets at the end of the month if the government does not provide councils with urgent funding. Some 15,000 people are housed in emergency accommodation such as hotels after local authorities moved people into safe accommodation during the coronavirus outbreak.

The Government allocated £3.2 million in March specifically to address homelessness. Crisis, the charity for homeless people, says this would have been spent by councils within days. Crisis says that contracts between local authorities in England and hotels are due to terminate at the end of June due to current Government money running out, and the charity believes the Government will need to invest hundreds of millions of pounds to keep everybody in safe accommodation for a year.

Bourgeois politicians are telling us it’s going to be “back to normal” when the pandemic is over. But that can never be an option for the working class. The Government grants and awards made to maintain the NHS and stave off social unrest during the crisis must continue when the lockdown ends.