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Labour must turn left!

by Daphne Liddle

LABOUR did reasonably well in last Thursday’s local elections, gaining six councils and 338 councillors, bringing their total around the country to 2,101.

Meanwhile the Tories lost 11 councils and 231 councillors leaving them with a total of 1359.

The United Kingdom Independence Party gained control of no councils and 163 councillors, bringing their overall total to 166.

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Russia ready to talk to new Ukrainian leader

by our European Affairs correspondent

RUSSIA is ready to talk to Ukraine’s newly- elected president while warning Kiev that military operations against pro-Moscow protesters in the country’s eastern regions was a “colossal mistake.”

But the poll was boycotted by many from the Russian-Ukrainian community whose self-defence forces control large parts of eastern Ukraine. Two breakaway provinces have now united to form the Novorossiya Union and fighting continues with the Kiev regime claiming it has driven the anti-fascist militias out of Donetsk airport after two days of fierce fighting.

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No to UKIP, No to the EU!

LAST WEEK’S European elections were the usual farce. The majority of people in Britain and the rest of the European Union boycotted the poll while a substantial minority of those who did vote gave their support to the racist and fascist platforms that argue that the only way out of the slump is to curb immigration into Europe and drive the existing ethnic minorities out.

Ukip, which topped the European poll in Britain, is somewhat different. The French National Front, the spiritual heirs of the fascists and Petainists who collaborated with the Nazis during the Second World War, spits its venom out on France’s long-standing Muslim, African and Asian minorities. Ukip on the other hand essentially targets the eastern European migrants as part of their case for pulling out of the EU altogether.

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