The Weekly paper of the New Communist Party of Britain
Week commencing 10th February 2017

Lead story

RMT dismay at TUC/ASLEF sell-out

by Daphne Liddle

THE RMT transport union last week expressed anger and dismay as the leadership of the drivers’ union ASLEF effectively sabotaged the campaign to keep guards on the trains in the long-running Southern Rail dispute by doing a separate deal in talks brokered by the TUC and from which the RMT had been excluded.

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BA cabin crews on strike

CABIN crews employed by British Airways have been on strike for most of this week in a long running strike over poverty pay.

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A less than radical budget

by our Scottish political affairs correspondent

THE 2017—18 Scottish Budget was agreed last week. This was the first such occasion when the Scottish Parliament had the powers to set its own income tax rates and bands. It was the perfect opportunity, therefore, for the Scottish National Party (SNP) to put into practice their radical rhetoric with their long-sought powers. They only brought forth a mouse however, and continued their carefully disguised austerity policies.

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Justice for Palestine

IT’S ONE THING for a British premier to grovel to the leader of US imperialism — after all they’ve all being doing it since the Second World War. It’s another to crawl to the leader of Israel, who stopped over in London for talks before meeting his new master in Washington.

Israeli premier Binyamin Netanyahu, who met the Prime Minister on Monday before flying on to meet President Donald Trump, used the occasion to lecture Theresa May on the supposed Iranian nuclear threat. Ms May made clear that her top priority was strengthening trade and investment links with Israel. Both politicians like to strut the world stage — Ms May eager for any diversion from the divisive issue of Brexit within her own Tory ranks, whilst Netanyahu is once again having to fend off corruption charges levelled by his political enemies at home. Only last month he was questioned twice by Israel’s national police anti-fraud unit over his alleged acceptance of tens of thousands of dollars in gifts — cigars, suits, and the like — from wealthy businessmen.

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