The Weekly paper of the New Communist Party of Britain
Week commencing 5th May 2017

Lead story

Trump spits fire DPRK stands firm

by New Worker correspondent

IMPERIALIST war-lord Donald Trump continues to spit fire at north Korea whilst his armada stands off the Korean peninsula and his nuclear bombers hover over the occupied south. The Americans want the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) to unilaterally and unconditionally abandon its nuclear deterrent, threatening all sorts of nonsense if this doesn’t happen. The US imperialists warn that the “era of strategic patience” is over whilst their emissaries go into top gear across Asia to drum up support amongst their vassals and puppets for renewed American aggression.

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‘Seize the day’ McDonnell tells May Day Rally

by New Worker correspondent

THOUSANDS of trade unionists, socialists, communists and members of Turkish, Kurdish, Iranian, Iraqi, Indian, Pakistani and other communities living in London last Monday gathered in Clerkenwell Green outside Marx House for the start of the annual May Day march to Trafalgar Square

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Disasters for May as Corbyn gains ground

WHEN Theresa May announced a general election for 8th June the opinion polls were giving the Tories a 21 per cent lead over Labour. The Tories were confident they would win easily.

But the timing of May’s announcement was governed by the growing scandal of election fraud investigations into the Tories’ campaigning in the 2015 election. Around 20 Tory MPs were about to face questioning and possible charges, and there was a prospect of 20 by-elections that could have robbed May of her slim overall majority of just 12 MPs. In reality, although unexpected, a general election was the only way forward for May.

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