The Weekly paper of the New Communist Party of Britain
Week commencing 28th July 2017

Lead story

Syria on the road to victory!

by our Arab Affairs correspondent

SYRIAN troops and their Lebanese and Iranian allies are continuing to advance on all fronts against the ISIS and Muslim Brotherhood terror gangs in the east of the country. Donald Trump has supported a keynote local ceasefire brokered by the Russians. And the chief of US imperialism has ordered the CIA to end its covert “train-and-equip” programme in support of so-called “moderate” rebels fighting against the popular front government of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

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PCS launches ballot on pay

PCS UNION members across the country are suffering because of the one per cent public sector pay cap and the union wants mass support for a new campaign to urge Tory Chancellor Philip Hammond to lift it in the autumn budget.

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A battle still to be won

MILLIONS OF WORKERS and trade unionists are opposed to Britain’s continued membership of the European Union (EU). Millions of trade unionists voted for Brexit in the June 2016 referendum. But this mass support to leave the EU is not reflected in the views of the majority of the union leaderships. Nor does it feature much in the ongoing media debate about the leave negotiations, which began in June but have barely gone beyond procedural formalities.

On one side we have the Tory Eurosceptics, who are the dominant faction within a much weakened Theresa May government that now relies on the votes of 10 sectarian bigots from northern Ireland to maintain its majority in Parliament.

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