The Weekly paper of the New Communist Party of Britain
Week commencing 3rd November 2017

Lead story

Tories must drop Universal Credit

by Daphne Liddle

PRIME Minister Theresa May remains embattled on all fronts and is surviving in her job because no one else wants it at the moment. But her premiership is also being protected by a powerful section of the ruling class that wants to see her make such a dog’s breakfast of the Brexit negotiations that the nation will agree to a second referendum on the issue, which they hope Remainers will win.

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No new money in bogus “£85 billion rail plan”

THE RAIL union RMT last week expressed anger that the industry bosses’ club, the Rail Delivery Group (RDG), is pumping out the same old stream of bogus propaganda in a desperate bid to con people into buying their claim that private train operating companies are investing in rail transport in Britain when, in fact, they are robbing hundreds of millions of pounds from the British people to invest in domestic transport operations in other parts of Europe.

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Catalonia at the cross-roads

THE CRISIS in Catalonia deepened this week with the imposition of direct rule by the Spanish government and the branding of its leaders as traitors who now face charges of rebellion, sedition and fraud for daring to declare independence for the ‘autonomous’ region after winning a referendum on independence on 1st October.

Whether these ‘rebels’ will be allowed to stand in the new Catalonian elections the Spanish government has set for 21st December is another matter. The Spanish government is clearly hoping that the mobilisation of Spanish ‘unionists’ in Catalonia, along with the clear lack of any support from the movers and shakers in the rest of the European Union, will lead to a decisive defeat of the Catalan nationalist parties.

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