The Weekly paper of the New Communist Party of Britain
Week commencing 12th January 2018

Lead story

Night of the plastic knives

by Daphne Liddle

YET AGAIN Prime Minister Theresa May’s efforts to stamp her authority over her own party have resulted in the opposite of her intentions.

Earlier this week she announced a reshuffle that would mark a fresh start, but there were few changes and two of her ministers refused to accept their new positions.

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Massive rail strike to keep guards on trains

MEMBERS of the RMT transport union employed by six different rail franchise companies staged three separate strikes this week in the biggest rail strike for decades to defend the role of guards on trains.

The strikes took place on Monday, Wednesday and Friday on Northern, Merseyrail, Greater Anglia, South Western Railways and Island Line (on the Isle of Wight). RMT members working on Southern Rail, where the battle to keep the role of guards has been waged for over two years now, also took strike action on Monday.

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Into the future!

WE ENTER a New Year full of promise and hope. Labour’s standing continues to rise in the opinion polls. Mrs May’s Tory government, which is dependent on the votes of sectarian bigots from northern Ireland, is on its last legs and there’s every chance of a fresh general election in the spring.

The ruling class is deeply divided over Brexit with the Europhile ‘Remainers’ whose campaign for a second referendum has been boosted by the collapse of UKIP and the relentless equivocation of the Blairite back-stabbers in the Parliamentary Labour Party who still dream of staying in the European Union and getting rid of Jeremy Corbyn.

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The struggle for peace

WHILST US imperialism licks its wounds in Syria, the warmongers in Washington are already plotting their next move in the campaign to establish hegemony over the Middle East that would give them total control of the immense oil and gas resources in the region. Although the Americans can always rely on their Israeli and Saudi lackeys to do their dirty work, that’s never proved enough in the past and it’s certainly not working now.

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