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The New Worker Online archive for 2010

17th December 2010Students defy police violence. Cyber anarchy.

10th December 2010Attacks on Wikileaks. Storm clouds over Korea.

3rd December 2010Tube strike strongest yet. The English Defence League (EDL)

26th November 2010Students lead anger against Con-Dems. Full support for DPR Korea! Royal Wedding.

19th November 2010Afghanistan:bring the troops home! Sudent demonstration. We're being robbed.

12th November 2010Student protests at government cuts. Cuts in benefits. TUC report on health and Safety

5th November 2010Scabs injure FBU pickets. Unity in the fight against the cuts. US mid-term elections 2010

29th October 2010A tidal wave of protests. Tariq Aziz. WikiLeaks expose imperialist war crimes. London firefighters

22nd October 2010Savage cuts. Return to Rachmanism? Trade union protests

15th October 2010Stand up and fight the cuts. People’s China: Capitalist or Socialist?

8th October 20102010 Tory Party Conference. DPRK in festive mood over Kim Jong Il's re-election

1st October 20102010 Labour Party Conference. No to cuts say workers of europe

24th September 20102010 LibDem Conference. Iraq: 'Don't trust the Americans to leave. Can education end poverty?

17th September 20102010 TUC to fight Con-Den cuts. Leicester City council seeks EDL ban

10th September 2010Tube strike 'rock solid'. Iraq: New Dawn or dawn of liberation? Time for action

3rd September 2010Abbott for labour leader. Slam the door on fascism! Two states for two nations. Plans to axe NHS Direct.

27th August 2010A vicious attack on the workers. Liberal delusions. Unison takes Government to court.

20th August 2010Defend universal benefits. Tories first 100 days. Dr Kelly. NHS PFI debt.

13th August 2010A double-dip recession?. Tory cuts. Legal aid changes.

6th August 2010Unions prepare fight back against cuts. Hiroshima 1945. Ian Tomlinson.

30th July 2010China's flood in Hubei. Afghnistan time to go.

23rd July 2010Coalition Con-Dem government DIY public services and the big society

2nd July 2010The Coalition Con-Dem government slashes jobs.

25th June 2010The Tory Osbourne budget. The Morning Star Conference

18th June 2010Bloody Sunday Inquiry. The Dictatorship of the banks. Capitalism is to blame.

11th June 2010Tory attack on public services and the working class

4th June 2010No to Israeli aggression - HANDS OFF GAZA!

28th May 2010The Queen's Speech - AN ATTACK ON THE WORKING CLASS! GREEK workers take to the streets in Athens. Storm clouds over Korea.

21st May 2010The future of Labour. Defend the right to strike

14th May 2010The May 2010 British General Election.

7th May 2010GREEK WORKERS SAY NO TO THE EU. Now that the British general election is over working people will be expected to pay for the economic crisis.


23rd April 2010Opinion polls have been thrown into chaos in general election campaign. Then the ash clouds from the eruption of the Eyjafjallajoekull volcano came.

16th April 2010Blaming the workers. Housing and jobs?

9th April 2010The Big Choice. Brown or Cameron?

2nd April 2010General Election 2010 - heading for a hung parliament. Paying for care and inheritance tax

26th March 2010THE BUDGET - PUBLIC SECTOR PAYS THE PRICE. Kick them out the Blairite MPs. Support the BA cabin crews.

The revolutionary party, bourgeois elections and social democracy

19th March 2010PALESTINE - NO TO ZIONIST SETTLEMENTS! Vote against Murdoch

12th March 2010Civil servants strike back! Elections in Iraq and Britain

5th March 2010Thousands of council jobs at risk. Michael Foot dies. Tories in trouble

26th February 2010Cabin crews defy BA dirty tricks. Dutch pull out of Afghanistan.

19th February 2010Strike storm sweeps Greece! Tory cooperatives fool no one

12th February 2010Tories losing as rival capitalists fight among each other. Koreans to celebrate the birthday of Kim Jong Il.

5th February 2010Asylum seekers routinely abused and refused. Tony Blair at the Chilcot inquiry.

29th January 2010THE CHILCOT inquiry has become a circus of politicians, lawyers and senior civil servants whilst the 2010 election campaign has begun with the Labour and Tory leaders setting out their stalls to woo voters.

22nd January 2010HAITI: YES TO AID, NO TO IMPERIALISM. Americans dominating Haiti. Tories put forward a ridiculously elitist proposal to bar graduates with weak degrees, or from former polytechnics, from the teaching profession.

15th January 2010Campbell in denial - STILL SPINNING at the Chilcott inquiry into the causes of the illegal invasion of Iraq. Ending the conflict in Palestine

8th January 2010Labour sabotage. The class war is real.

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