19th December 2014Stop cutting A&E hospitals. Campaigning for decent jobs. So this is Christmas...

12th December 2014CIA torturers must face trial. Protest as vultures gather over Ukraine. Time to get off our knees.

5th December 2014A nasty budget from the nasty party. Irish peace process. Police brutality in USA.

28th November 2014Who is the terrorist? May revives snoopers’ charter. NHS workers second week of action.

21st November 2014A chance to protect the NHS? Palestinian anger erupts in Jerusalem. More rubbish at the United Nation.

14th November 2014Fracked gas not so cheap. LRC divided over Ukraine. Belgian workers defy police. The propaganda war on Ukraine.

7th November 2014Immigration lies confounded. Novorossiya leaders sworn in. Imperial dreams and Libyan reality.

31st October 2014Election farce in Ukraine. Shop workers challenge Asda on equal pay. Farewell to Kabul.

24th October 2014Proper wages, not bombs! 100,000 demand a pay rise. Fight Back Now.

17th October 2014Give us a reason to vote Labour. Europe-wide anger at TTIP. Playing the race card.

10th October 2014Syria condemns ISIS attacks. Marching in the rain against war. Human rights or Tory rites?

3rd October 2014Tory’s war on working class. MPs vote to bomb Iraq — again! Vote Labour. Red Salute to Eric Trevett.

26th September 2014Labour needs a backbone. Russia slams US raids on ISIS in Syria. A Better Scotland? In Memoriam Eric Trevett 1931-2014.

19th September 2014Ukraine: crack down on the left. Cornish firefighters oppose cuts. Wages still falling. In Memoriam Eric Trevett 1931-2014.

12th September 2014‘Yes’ will mean gains for Scotland. Anti-fascist rebels hold fast. Imperialism on the defensive. In Memoriam Eric Trevett 1931-2014

5th September 2014Fascists smashed in east Ukraine. Reasons to march against Nato. Heading for a third world war?

29th August 2014Ukrainian rebels counter attack! Shame councils if care providers ignore the minimum wage. Scotland’s Choice.

22nd August 2014New terror raids on Gaza. Low paid women excluded from ‘recovery’. Left unity — progress and pitfalls.

15th August 2014East Ukraine resists Kiev. Care UK workers take pay fight to London. Zionism is the servant of imperialism, not the master.

8th August 2014Uneasy calm over Gaza. A million set to strike on 14th October. No more wars!

1st August 2014World Condemns Israel! Doncaster care workers new strike.

25th July 2014Gaza: End the Siege! Farm workers still struggling at Tolpuddle. Malayan Airlines Flight 17 - Making up the news.

18th July 2014The big strike: more to come! Stop the massacre in Gaza. Cameron shuffles the pack.

27th June 2014All out on 10th July! Battle for Labour leadership. Kiev’s bogus ceasefire.

20th June 2014ISIS militia sweeps forward in Iraq. No to bombing, no to western intervention! GMB demands £10 per hour living wage.

13th June 2014Tories’ bogus trojan horse. The Agenda for the Working Class. Syria rallies behind Assad! Obama rallies behind Cameron.

6th June 2014The coalition’s last stand. Russia calls for end to fighting. The ultimate free trade deal.

30th May 2014Labour must turn left! No to UKIP, No to the EU! Russia ready to talk to new Ukrainian leader.

23rd May 2014Ukraine: Which side are you on? ‘Brutal and bullying’ culture in job centres. The British Imperialist Broadcasting Company.

16th May 2014East Ukraine says no to Kiev. The real fight against Ukip. GP patient lists culled by stealth?

9th May 2014Tension high in Ukraine. More fire strikes inevitable.

2nd May 2014RMT deserves London support. Workfare creates unemployment. Russia blames US for Ukraine crisis.

25th April 2014Fight for wages We can live on! Russia warns West over Ukraine. The Meaning of Easter?

18th April 2014Ukraine on the brink. Climate change: we’re not all doomed — yet. 44 per cent of ‘new jobs’ are self-employed. Farewell to Renée.

11th April 2014Ukranians resist Kiev. Bedroom tax disaster for disabled people. Tory sleaze. Labour waffle. Nato threats.

4th April 2014No to NHS charges! Small EDL march in Peterborough. Ukraine — the new Greece.

28th March 2014Nazi leader killed in Ukraine. Scottish Labour Party Conference. A budget for the rich.

21st March 2014Crimea joins Russia. Western powers in deep trouble. The Scottish Neverendum. Tony Benn 1925-2014.

14th March 2014Crimea to vote. Bob Crow - A big loss to the labour movement. Zero-hours ‘become the norm’.

7th March 2014Ukraine: the way forward. A new Crimean War? Not necessarily. Clause 119 - No hospital safe

28th February 2014Nazi threat in Ukraine. Atos asks to quit as victims protest across Britain. Solidarity with Ukrainian communists.

21st February 2014Climate change and the cuts. Kiev burns in deadly riots. The menace of the European extreme right.

14th February 2014Tube strike success. The new European Communist Initiative. Boris forced to back down.

7th February 2014Tube strike solid. Sinn Féin calls for: support for Haass proposals. Defend the link.

31st January 2014Unions main target of bill. Rich throw a tax tantrum. The Holocaust — We will remember.

24th January 2014Syria peace talks begin. Superior cornflakes and the Holocaust. Community unites against fascists in Cricklewood.

17th January 2014Con Dems divided on austerity. Hope and fear in the Middle East. In tribute to Dolly Shaer. Building the Paper. The real lessons of the First World War.

10th January 2014Osborne’s bleak new year. Korean leader charts the way forward. Cameron’s divide and rule pension pledges.

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