20th December 2013Hungry and homeless. Firefighters to strike again over pensions. DPRK defends socialism.

13th December 2013Mandela — the class warrior. Police war on students. George Osborne’s Autumn Statement. DPRK: Top leader purged at Party meeting.

6th December 2013Shooting the messenger - Edward Snowden. Moving the goalposts on fuel poverty. Ukraine turns east.

29th November 2013Scotland’s choice. Iran agreement — keep the peace momentum going. The Labour Representation Committee in debate.

22nd November 2013Hunt guilty of NHS neglect. Russia returns to the Middle East. No to the EU!

15th November 2013Wages fight is crucial. Living wage could boost public finance by £3.2 billion. A government scared of its people.

8th November 2013A bonfire of austerity. After Grangemouth. FBU anger as Government hardens stance.

1st November 2013The US bugs the World. Firefighters announce further strike dates. Class war in Grangemouth.

25th October 2013Power Crazy - Hinkley Point. Irish peace process. Tories in China. The communist answer.

18th October 2013We need homes not bubbles. Taxpayers cheated on Royal Mail price. De-Americanising the world.

11th October 2013Children pay for education cuts. European communists form new anti-EU bloc. Miliband hits back at Daily Mail.

4th October 2013Campaigners to save the NHS flocked to Manchester to lobby the Conservative Party conference.

27th September 2013Milliband. Labour Party Conference 2013. Hetty Bower still fighting against austerity at 107.

20th September 2013Syria: US forced to back off. Lewisham hospital victory march.

13th September 2013No war on Syria! Miliband wooing the workers at the TUC.

6th September 2013Don’t attack Syria. Unions gather in Burston.

30th August 2013Stand by Syria. Scotland’s first bedroom tax victim.

23rd August 2013Egypt turning away from US? Green MP arrested as Balcombe fracking protests grow. Lobbying Bill: An outrageous attack on freedom of speech

16th August 2013Youth in the dust bin. Egyptian forces clear Brotherhood camps. Class solidarity the only answer to the race card.

9th August 2013Unequal Britain. Mugabe wins again!

2nd August 2013Guilty of telling THE TRUTH- Manning. Palestine talks begin in Washington. Osborne is blowing bubbles.

26th July 2013Fracking lunacy. Beware the storms to come. Police blunders in Birmingham.

19th July 2013Yet more threats to our NHS. Labour must earn its support. Len’s big gamble.

12th July 2013Egypt’s game of thrones. Right-wing Labour feels the pressure from below. Defend workers’ power in their own party. The necessity of revolution.

21st June 2013Keep up the protests — they work! Stop western intervention in Syria. Who are the friends of the working class?

14th June 2013The ruling class In conference. Fighting cuts and mobilising the class. Snowden — an act of defiance.

7th June 2013Save the NHS tax the rich. Civil servants strike back. Labour movement mobilises.

31st May 2013No imperialist arms to Syria! EDL stopped in Whitehall. The root cause of terrorism.

24th May 2013The hardest hit: Impact of cuts on the disabled. End the ethnic cleansing of Palestinians. Tax avoidance.

17th May 2013Coalition implode over Europe. Bedroom tax claims its first suicide.

10th May 2013Cameron’s Empty words. Bruce Kent launches new anti-Trident campaign.Local elections and national worries.

3rd May 2013Syrian forces forge ahead. Workers’ Memorial Day. China and Africa.

26th April 2013Assault on the NHS. Syrian rebels on the run. Boston Marathon. Venezuelan presidential election.

19th April 2013British economy still icebound. A tale of two cities. Killing the joy of student travel.

12th April 2013Thatcher’s gone the fight goes on. US imperialism and the facts behind the Korean crisis. The Iron Lady rusts away.

5th April 2013Make work pay raise wages! We need a winning strategy.

29th March 2013Mid Staffs scandal: Blame staff cuts Not nurses. Another crash coming.

22nd March 2013Osborne: in a hole and still digging. Beware the Troika bearing gifts.

15th March 2013Bedroom tax in disarray. Syria: Cameron plots to arm rebels. The fulcrum of the struggle.

8th March 2013Hugo Chávez is dead: World mourns Venezuelan leader. Tories sing the blues.

1st March 2013Massacre of A&E units. Osborne is killing our economy.

22nd February 2013Fixing the job stats. Leading the class fight.

15th February 2013Workfare is illegal. A test for peace.

8th February 2013NHS: Cure it, don’t kill it! Scare tactics and the bedroom tax.

1st February 2013Keep Britain out of Mali. March to save Lewisham Hospital. No to the EU.

25th January 2013NATO out of Mali! London Fire Authority rejects cuts. NHS defence needs to give Hunt a smack in the mouth.

18th January 2013Thousands of new job cuts. Syrian army continues crack down. Nato moves into Mali.

11th January 2013Benefit cap hits poorest families. Assad charts a way forward. A hard fight ahead.

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