16th December 2011Cameron’s veto stirs it up. Obama begs for spy-plane back. Children’s services are facing draconian cuts.

9th December 2011Cameron does splits over EU. Anger on the streets of Russia. Build on strike success.

2nd December 2011Striking success. Iran protesters storm British embassy. Solidarity with the working people of Greece, PAME and the KKE. George Osborne statement.

25th November 2011New attack on workers’ rights. All out on 30th November! Egyptian masses defy military.

18th November 2011Mass support for November strike. Syria: Arab League takes dangerous step. Reasons for remembrance.

11th November 2011Tax the rich for education! End of Berlusconi era in Italy. St Paul’s protesters.

4th November 2011Economy stuck in the doldrums. Europe’s money markets take a dive. A schism in the Church of England.

28th October 2011Rebellion over EU rocks Cameron. Syria: millions rally for Assad. The death of Gaddafi.

21st October 2011Protest against cold and hunger. Libya: Sirte and Bani Walid hold on. Occupy the City.

14th October 2011Young face a life of poverty. Libya: loyalists fight on while oil vultures circle. Whose democracy and freedom?

8th October 2011New Tory attacks on workers. Tory Conference. Nato plot vetoed at UN

30th September 2011Labour Conference. Libya: loyalists continue the battle.

23rd September 2011Build the resistance. Libyan puppets welcomed at UN. Liberal Democrat illusions.

16th September 2011Fighting talk at the TUC. Turkey steps forward. Twin Towers ten years on.

9th September 2011Battle for the NHS. Libya: the carve-up begins. TUC 2011 — The holiday is over!

2nd September 2011Anti-fascists win EDL march ban. The Fall of Tripoli.

26th August 2011FIERCE fighting continues in Tripoli. Youth umenployment. The sick society

19th August 2011Rough justice - CAMERON’S LAW. Riots rock the Establishment. Tripoli celebrates a victory.

12th August 2011Threat of a police state. Libya: ‘Cameron must go’! Youth rebellion explodes.

5th August 2011Cuts are killing the economy. Libya: imperialist confidence shaken. Hands off Syria!

29th July 2011Norway bloodbath. Britain breaks relations with Libya. US debt crisis.

22nd July 2011The fall of the House of Murdoch - Cameron must go. LIBYAN forces have beaten back repeated rebel attempts to seize the key oil refinery town of Brega.

1st July 2011Defend workers’ rights. Greek anger at new cuts. Miliband is failing the workers.

24th June 2011Italy: ‘halt the bombing of Libya’. All out on 30th June! Brian Haw 1949-2011.

17th June 2011No real change to the NHS bill. Syrian forces crackdown on rebel bands.

10th June 2011Unions versus the government. New Libyan offensive on rebels.

3rd June 2011Coalition couldn’t care less. Nato rejects Libya peace plan — again

27th May 2011Obama Visits Britain and mperialism's war against Libya.

20th May 2011No mercy for NHS warns Cameron. Trades Councils speak out.

13th May 2011Our health not for sale. Gaddafi mobilises tribal support. Labour must adopt real social reforms.

6th May 2011Hull BP dispute. LIBYANS have vowed to avenge the death of Muammar Gaddafi’s youngest son.

29th April 2011Libya: recall UN Security Council. Fighting for safety at work. The American Civil War.

22nd April 2011British referendum on alternative voting. Imperialist aggression in Libya.

15th April 2011Libya: rebels spurn peace. 40,000 NHS jobs massacre

8th April 2011Cameron dithers over NHS reforms. Libyan diplomatic drive. No to AV!

1st April 2011Libyan advance blocks NATO plans. We've marched together, now let's strike together.

25th March 2011Hands off Libya! A budget for the rich.

18th March 2011Libyan advance divides NATO. Oil makes the difference. Lib-Dems baulk at NHS privatisation.

11th March 2011 No to NATO intervention in Libya. Desperate Dave Cameron at Tory Conference.

4th March 2011 Keep NATO out of Libya. Town hall protests reach crescendo.

25th February 2011 Imperialist eyes on Libyan oiL. NHS faces over 53,000 job losses. The fight against the cuts.

18th February 2011 Egypt - workers strike for rights. Miliband to speak at 26th March rally. Millions of young women face dole.

11th February 2011 Big society imploding. Cameron plays race card. Pressure grows on Mubarak.

4th February 2011Freedom call on Cairo streets - Bye Bye Mubarak. Back down on public sector pensions.

28th January 2011THE CON-DEM Coalition this week tried to blame the weather for a fall in the economy that they did not expect but just about everyone else did. Don't collaborate with the cuts. Wave of Palestinian anger.

21st January 2011MAJOR HEALTH unions oppose cuts in NHS. Ousting of Tunisian president Zine El Abidine Ben Ali has been welcomed. Labour Representation Committee AGM

14th January 2011US Tucson massacre. Bankers bonuses.

7th January 2011Organising the fight back

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