21st December 2012Cap rents not benefits! Imperialism out of Syria! Show the way in 2013!

14th December 2012DPR Korea space triumph! Snoopers’ charter knocked back? Troubles not over for the north of Ireland.

7th December 2012The Coalition must go! Iran brings down spy drone. Palestinian successes. 17th Congress of the New Communist Party.

30th November 2012Bleak prospects for workers. Gaza celebrates ceasefire. The ethics of journalism.

23rd November 2012Gaza steady under fire. Students protest in London.

16th November 2012EU rocked by workers’ anger. A Plebs and Pigs banquet. Death by poverty.

9th November 2012Four more years! More NHS trusts in trouble. The business of human rights.

2nd November 2012Fight for a living wage. Syria: rebels prolong the fighting. War on the poor.

26th October 2012The new age of Dickens. Syrian ceasefire but imperialism continues to arm rebel fighters. Increase the struggle.

19th October 2012We will defeat austerity. Belgian Communist breakthrough. Norodom Sihanouk 1922 — 2012. The big picture.

12th October 2012Kick out the Tories! Turks demand peace with Syria. Historic win for Chavez.

5th October 2012Labour must say no to Tory austerity. Syrian rebels put down arms. Grim Reaper protest against blacklisting.

28th September 2012Lib-Dems back more cuts. The Syrian Army sweeps on. Why communists should be involved in trades councils.

21st September 2012Rise in families made homeless. Syrian Army routs rebeld. Ida Hackett remembered. Undoing the education system.

14th September 2012TUC call: ‘mass action on pay’. Millions march for Catalonia. Labour movement’s confidence grows.

7th September 2012Tories shuffle to the right. Syria: the West is seeking pretexts. Fit for what?

31st August 2012Plan to enslave London youth. Syria: steady progress against terror .

24th August 2012Incompetent wreckers. US threats over Syria. Support Assange.

17th August 2012Reclaim our railways! Turkey and Al Qaeda gangs behind Syrian rebels. Safe havens for some?

10th August 2012Middle East peace hangs on Syria. Osborne still getting his sums wrong. Thieves falling out.

3rd August 2012Russian Communists slam NATO on Syria. Millions face 6 months workfare. Bread and Circuses in London.

27th July 2012Coulson charged over phone hacking. Syrians move to crush rebels. British justice reverts to default position.

20th July 2012West behind Syria assassinations. The economy is worse than the weather. The House of Frauds.

29th June 2012Cameron’s war on youth. Syria now ‘at war’. PFI bankrupts NHS trust.

22nd June 2012Purge and privatise Con-Dem plans for civil service. Wikileaks founder flees. The worst is yet to come.

15th June 2012GMB move to expel new Labour faction. Irish anger over new household tax. Goodbye Liberty, Equality, Fraternity.

8th June 2012Russia and China defend Syria. Pre-emptive policing at the Olympics. Recalling comrade Otto Cahn. Stuff the jubilee.

1st June 2012MCNULTY: THE NEW BEECHING. Syria: imperialist moves rebuffed. IN MEMORY OF Otto Cahn. Police privatisation put on hold.

25th May 2012Unions declare war on austerity. Nato summit gives ‘few tangible results’. Peoples of Europe rise up!

18th May 2012Murdoch’s tangled web. Communists rally as Greeks go to new poll. Workers should seize the time.

11th May 2012Europe rises against austerity. Employment protection laws under attack.

4th May 2012Cameron sinking with Murdoch ship? Syria prepares for general election. The monster in the machine.

27th April 2012NHS unions blast divide & rule plan. Syria: Imperialism out to smash Annan plan. Sarkozy down. Imperialist hypocrisy.

20th April 2012Justice only for the rich. Syrian government welcomes UN observers. No lone wolf.

13th April 2012Tax the rich to save jobs. Palestine appeal to UN. Church and State.

6th April 2012Tories shamed over petrol. Nato continue to back Syrian terrorists. The Bradford Spring.

30th March 2012Labour leap in opinion polls. Syria accepts new peace plan. Money versus people. Rockets and reason.

23rd March 2012A budget for class war. Syrian rebels must disarm. Labour must fight harder.

16th March 2012Clegg betrays his party and NHS. Syrian army drives out rebels. The mentality of war.

9th March 2012A devil’s pact to destroy the NHS. Syrian army takes back Homs. Cowardice of the Labour leadership.

2nd March 2012Kill the NHS bill! Syria approves new constitution. Workfare hurts all workers.

24th February 2012Cameron hides NHS risks. Turkish agents seized in Syria. UNEMPLOYMENT UP; Public sector unions calling for another joint strike on pensions in March

17th February 2012Anger in Athens at savage new cuts. Firefighters join pensions battle. The proletarianisation of the ‘squeezed middle’.

10th February 2012Imperialists thwarted. Russian move for Syrian peace. Health Bill seriously unwell.

3rd February 2012Cameron versus Europe. Russia and China resist the imperialist drive against Syria. Bankers step.

27th January 2012War on welfare. Syria: imperialism steps up the pressure. Stop imperialist threats to Iran. Capitalist crisis and class consciousness.

20th January 2012Unions tell Labour: defend the workers. Russia says ‘Hands off Syria & Iran’. Eternal vigilance required to defeat the fascists.

13th January 2012Miliband: an apology for a leader. Assad pledges to continue reforms and crush terror. Scotland’s choice.

6th January 2012Stephen Lawrence: SOME SENSE OF JUSTICE. The Stars and Stripes come down in Baghdad. Interesting times. Kim Jong Il 1942—2011.

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